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What is the Average Cost of Analcime per gram? Average Analcime Price

Analcime is one of the few minerals that goes very close to forming its own unique crystal. Analcime or analcite is a white, grey or colorless tectosilicate mineral, consisting hydrated sodium aluminum silicate in cubic crystalline form. It is usually classified as a zeolite mineral, but structurally and chemically it is more similar to the feldspathoids. Analcime occurs as a primary mineral in analcime basalt and other alkaline igneous rocks. Its notable occurrence in the US include in localities such as Colorado and New Jersey. Analcime-bearing tuffs are known to be sporadically employed as building materials. However, applications of analcime as microporous material are lacking, mainly due to its compact structure.

by Margaret Walker on Mon, 01/31/2011 - 12:41

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