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What is the Average Cost of Amphibole per gram? Average Amphibole Price

The average cost of amphibole is $0.75 per gram. Amphibole refers not to a single mineral, but a group of minerals. The fibrous variety of amphibole is used to some extent as asbestos material. They are silicate minerals containing SiO4 molecules and the SiO4 groups are connected to each other in double chains. Amphibolite is used as paving stones and as a veneer on buildings. It is also used as crushed stone for railroad construction. Amphiboles form at lower temperatures with the presence of water. Petrologists use the presence of amphiboles to gauge the original water content of the rock forming melt. The mineral joesmithite is a similar inosilicate that is sometimes included in the amphibole group. Pargasite is a rare magnesium-rich amphibole with essential sodium.

by Margaret Walker on Mon, 01/31/2011 - 12:40

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