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What is the Average Cost of Alunite per pound? Average Alunite Price

The average alunite price is $0.50 per pound. It is a highly sought after mineral due to the low cost of obtaining alum and alumina. Alunite is a sulfate mineral and its distinct crystals are rarely found in cavities in the massive material. Minute glistening crystals have also been found loose in cavities in altered rhyolite. Alunite varies in color from white to yellow gray. It is insoluble in water or weak acids, but soluble in sulfuric acid. It occurs as veins and replacement masses in trachyte, rhyolite and similar potassium rich volcanic rocks. In the US, alunite deposits are found in Utah and Arizona. It has been used for dating of weathering processes in ore deposits. Its chemical composition allows for the recovery of its individual components that can be used as a source of alum, potassium and aluminum as well as mineral specimens. It requires about 6 times as much alunite to produce 1 unit of alumina.

by Margaret Walker on Mon, 01/31/2011 - 11:02

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