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What is the Average Cost of Actinolite per gram? Average Actinolite Price

Actinolite crystals are typically prismatic and usually make very interesting mineral specimens. Some forms of actinolite are used as gemstones, while the fibrous variety is used for industrial asbestos. It is also used in fire retardant devices as it is not affected by fire. Some forms of actinolite are used to make gaskets for certain industrial and engineering applications. Nephrite, a variety of actinolite, is one of the 2 minerals called jade that has been used for eons in Central America as an ornamental and religious tone. Major sources of actinolite include Taiwan, Canada, Madagascar, Tanzania and the US. The powdered extract of actinolite costs $18 per 100 gm.

by Margaret Walker on Sun, 01/30/2011 - 22:34

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