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What is Feta cheese?

Feta is a type of Greek cheese traditionally made from sheep’s milk. Its most common form is semi hard and texture while still being quite crumbly and brittle. Its taste is rather sour with briny overtones. Feta is most often crumbled up and added to a Greek style salad with olives or traditionally as part of a spinach puff pastry dish called spanakopita (which means spinach pie) they can be bought at Greek ethnic food stores. If you’ve never had feta I would recommend adding it to your favorite salad or adding slices of it to a sandwich. FetaFeta cheese is great in salads and sandwiches.Feta cheese is great in salads and sandwiches. cheese can be bought at almost any grocery store. Imported Greek feta cheese can be bought online from specialty food stores such as or

by Gladys Price on Tue, 12/15/2009 - 11:51

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