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What is an Ostrich? Facts, Pictures and Ostrich Riding

Large in size, ostriches are flightless birds that originate on the continent of Africa. distinguished by their large bodies and long, thin necks and legs, ostriches can run extremely quickly, up to 45 miles per hour in some cases. Ostriches are the largest birds in the world and lay the biggest eggs. Ostriches primarily and have at the savanna An ostrichAn ostrichof Africa, south of the Sahara desert. Some species of ostrich even inhabit the desert regions of Africa. Due to their large size and high speeds, ostriches have been ridden by humans, although this practice is not as common as it once was. Ostriches have also been hitched to carts for the purpose of racing, as seen in this photo from 1911.
A participant in ostrich racingA participant in ostrich racing

by Kimberly Prescott on Fri, 05/07/2010 - 13:28

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