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What is an AV Cable?

An AV Cable (also called an [l: What-is-an-RCA-Cable RCA Cable]) is a three-pronged cable used for connecting a TV and sometimes a computer monitor to an input device such as a DVD Player, VCR, or video game console. Each of the three plugs on one end of the cable has a different color RCA Cables are the most common type of A/V Cables.RCA Cables are the most common type of A/V Cables.and each color corresponds to video, audio-left, or audio-right. To use AV cables properly, simply match each colored prong to the corresponding colored plug. For the most part, yellow marks composite video, while white and red signify stereo audio. You should also check out our article on S-video.

by Margaret Walker on Sun, 01/03/2010 - 19:23

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