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What is a Treeing Walker / Coonhound?

A Treeing Walker, or Coonhound, is a type of dog breed that is characterized by speed, agility, and endurance. They are very suitable for various types of sporting tasks because of these characteristics.

A Treeing Walker Dog, or CoonhoundA Treeing Walker Dog, or Coonhound

The dogs are known for being friendly and caring, but like other types of athletic dogs, such as dalmatians, they are full of energy and need to have a rich life outdoors with lots of excercize. They are not particularly well suited for staying indoors all day.

The nickname Coonhound refers to a dog which is used to track Raccoons and other similar rodent animals which can be a nuisance to families living on farms and in rural areas. The dogs participate in the hunt for the "coon" by chasing the Racoon, often up a tree. The hunter can follow the dog by listening to the barking and can either let the dog catch the racoon or perhaps shoot it with a hunting rifle.

Treeing Walkers are descended from English Foxhounds, which were used for hunting as well. However, in this activity the hunters typically ride on horseback, while the dog chases after the fox which is intentionally released for sport. The hunters on horseback then shoot the fox when they are able to get a clear shot of it.

by Margaret Walker on Wed, 05/26/2010 - 23:23

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