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What is a French Braid?

A French Braid is a classic type of braided hair, for women with long hair. The main difference between a French Braid and a regular braid is that it does not go "all the way to the scalp" and essentially looks better at the top, as it starts with three "clumps" of hair rather than going all the way to the roots.

To perform a French braid, you should do the following:

French Braid How-to IllustrationFrench Braid How-to Illustration

- Start with three separate clumps of hair, but leave some length between the clumps and the scalp -- this is the key to the French Braid look

- Now simply braid them together, perhaps with the help of a friend, using the following example diagram:

- Leave some hair leftover at the very end near your waist (i.e. don't braid all the way!)

by Margaret Walker on Wed, 06/02/2010 - 23:42

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