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What is a Car Salesman or Saleswoman?

A car salesman/woman simply sells automobiles to interested customers. Auto salesmen/women earn on average about $45,000 a year although many reach up to six figures. The work is quite easy and basically consists of talking to people and being as friendly and welcoming as possible. You get them excited about buying a new car and you lay out all the things that they might want and put them together into the perfect package for them. It’s a very happy and pleasant business because it’s all about working out what’s best for the customer and feeling good about what you’re doing. The licensing and testing that is required to be an auto salesman/woman takes only about three months to complete. There is no college requirement although having a college background can only help.

A car dealershipA car dealership

by Margaret Walker on Sat, 12/26/2009 - 03:49

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