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What is Swiss cheese?

Swiss cheese is several types of cheese originating from Switzerland, based on the original Emmental cheese. Swiss cheese is well known for its large holes or eyes which are caused by bubbles of carbon dioxide gas that form while it is being made. Its texture is semi-hard but easily sliced and melted. Its flavor is often described as piquant and light. Swiss cheese is most often sliced and Swiss cheese is often cut into cubes and served with drinks.Swiss cheese is often cut into cubes and served with drinks.used in sandwiches with mustard, tomato and lettuce. It is also melted in omelets and in Swiss tuna melts. I recommend simply eating them with crackers. Swiss cheese can be purchased at almost any grocery store including Whole Foods and Shaw’s. Swiss Emmental cheese is harder to get, and is only available in specialty food stores.

by Gladys Price on Tue, 12/15/2009 - 13:16

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