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What is Stilton cheese?

Still is a British cheese that has a particularly sharp taste and smell. The most common form of Stilton is similar to that of blue cheese and originates from the village of Stilton, England which is where the cheese gets its name. Stilton is quite similar to other blue cheeses such as Italian Gorgonzola cheese and Roquefort. Stilton is crumbly and fairly soft with a rich creamy texture and taste it becomes sharper and richer with age. It is often Blue Stilton CheeseBlue Stilton Cheesecombined with blueberries or other fruit when you buy it in American grocery stores. Stilton can be eaten in a variety of ways including with celery or pears and sometimes added to cream of broccoli soup. It is often eaten around Christmas time in company with Port wine. Other uses include served as a sauce over steak or crumbled into a salad. If you’ve never had Stilton cheese before I would recommend trying it with crackers and a nice red wine. Stilton is available from most grocery stores including Whole Foods and Shop N Save as well as online from such sites as

by Gladys Price on Tue, 12/15/2009 - 11:07

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