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What is Salt? Ingredients and Uses

Salt is a simple chemical compound that is often used in cooking among other things. Salt is composed of a sodium atom combined with a chlorine atom to form sodium chloride, the chemical name for common table salt. Salt has a tendency to form into crystals but is very water-soluble and will break down immediately upon contact with moisture. Salt is very important for Salt has many usesSalt has many usesmany bodily functions including metabolism. However salt in large doses can also cause death through dehydration and damage to cells and tissue. Salt can be used as a seasoning in cooking and can also be used to cure certain foods to allow them to last longer. Some examples of this are bacon, pickles, and soy sauce. This is because salt in large quantities will kill most living things including the bacteria that can make spoiled food dangerous. On the same note, salt can also be used as antibiotic when treating wounds, although this is somewhat outdated by modern medicine.

by Susan White on Tue, 04/27/2010 - 14:51

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