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What is S-Video?

S-Video stands for Separate Video or sometimes Super-Video (although this is incorrect) and is a format for sending video data between electronic devices such as a TV or computer monitor to a DVD Player, VCR or Video Game Console. S-Video cables tend to have 4 pins and only S-Video have 4 insert slots.S-Video have 4 insert slots.transfer video data, as opposed to RCA (or A/V) cables which transfer both. S-Video tends to be of higher video quality than the three-pronged RCA cables, but you will still need a set of RCA cables or two-pronged pure audio cables to transfer the sound. You should also check out our articles on RCA Cables and [l: What-is-an-AV-Cable A/V Cables].

by Margaret Walker on Sun, 01/03/2010 - 19:28

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