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What is Red Bull Flugtag?

Flugtag is an event held every year where homemade flying machines are tested, sponsored by Red Bull. Usually the machines are tested by launching them off the end of a pier 30 feet above the ocean or a lake. The amazing Flying Pub!The amazing Flying Pub!The competition is somewhat of a joke, designed to entertain rather than to actually fly the machines. Watching completely silly contraptions crashing into the ocean such as “The Flying Pub” pictured here can be extremely funny. Anyone is eligible to enter but the flying machines must be entirely human-powered. The word Flugtag is German for “flying day.”

If you are interested in the ridiculous fun of Flugtag, check out our articles on where Flugtag is being held, how much Flugtag costs, and the rewards for winning Flugtag.

by Susan White on Thu, 03/18/2010 - 08:01

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