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What is Avatar Kinect?

Avatar Kinect is a rumored new feature, to be unveiled at CES 2011 by Microsoft, that will allow users to control their avatars in an online interaction space using their bodily movements, as tracked by Kinect. In essence, it might be quite similar to PlayStation Home, except that your avatars would be controlled by your body, including being able to walk around, shake hands, etc. It is possible that various cross-avatar activities would be available in this mode as well.

Avatar Kinect Leaked Slide from Glimpse DogAvatar Kinect Leaked Slide from Glimpse Dog

Avatar Kinect will likely be a free download for Xbox Live users similar to PlayStation Home. What is not yet clear is whether this will be only available to Xbox Live Gold members, or whether Silver members will also be able to download it. It is likely that some advantage will be given to Gold members at the very least, or perhaps that it will be completely exclusive similar to Netflix support and other features.

Avatar Kinect Leaked Slide 2 from Glimpse DogAvatar Kinect Leaked Slide 2 from Glimpse Dog

by Margaret Walker on Wed, 01/05/2011 - 07:04

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