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What do you need to get a Passport? Application Requirements

To get a passport or the United States you need several pieces of material that help to identify you properly. The first of these is a proof of US citizenship. This can be most easily covered by a birth certificate. If you were born outside the US you must submit proof of your mission to the United States as a permanent resident, a consular report of birth, or evidence of adoption by US parents. The next thing we Make sure you know the requirements before applying for a passportMake sure you know the requirements before applying for a passportneed to submit is a proof of identity. This can include a certificate of citizenship, certificate of naturalization, military identification, or federal/state/municipal government employee identification card or pass. Although the official website and forums for passport applications say that you can use witness identification in place of this proof of identity, this is not the case. You cannot use identifying witness. You must submit two color photographs according to the specifications noted on the website or form; these photos can be taken for you and not medically approved at a passport acceptance facility such as a post office. The last requirement for a passport is submission of the required fees. Generally this is $100 for the standard passport book.

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by Susan White on Tue, 03/16/2010 - 19:49

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