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What are the alternatives to Project Free TV?

Project Free TV is a great website with lots of high quality video links. But if a link doesn’t work or Project Free TV doesn’t have the video you’re looking for, there are some alternatives. The best video listing websites are TV Shack, Surf the TV Shack has a large selection of good video linksTV Shack has a large selection of good video linksChannel,, Hulu, Fancast,, and Sidereel. The easiest way to search through all video hosting and linking websites is using the search engine called OVGuide, which searches only through video sites. You should also check out our guide to fixing out of sync audio in online videos. If Megavideo’s 72-minute time limit is the reason you’re seeking an alternative, check out our page about [How-to-get-megavideo-to-work-ways-to-get-around-megavideos-72-minute-time-limit getting around Megavideo’s time limit].

Disclaimer: Our Megavideo bypass article is for informational purposes only; we do not advocate attempting to circumvent Megavideo’s policies, user agreement, site licenses, or other terms of use. Downloading and streaming copyright material is illegal in many countries: you should not do this. Please only use these tips for finding legal videos. Also please be careful on these sites as some of them have malicious spyware. Use anti-virus software and a secure web browser. We are not responsible for any actions that you take on these sites or anything that happens as a result of visiting them.

by Margaret Walker on Mon, 01/18/2010 - 09:50

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