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What are the Best Ways to make Money in World of Warcraft? WoW Gold Farming Strategy

World of Warcraft is a great game, making money in it is not always easy. Most people turn to daily quests and crafting tips to earn their gold. But why spend hours grinding out repetitive dailies and banging your head against trade chat? Especially when there is a much easier and much better solution available. The only requirements for using this method are access to a A map of the route through WintergraspA map of the route through Wintergraspflying mount and the mining skill. To be able to take full advantage of this route, it is recommended that you have engineering as well, but it is not required. Essentially this method of making money involves a mining and mote route that is extremely profitable and not as well known as most others.

The start of the route is the Obsidian Dragon Shrine in Dragonblight. Here you will find two fire clouds, and an air cloud slightly to the northeast. Fly to the edge of Wintergrasp, the area known as The Cauldron of Flames. There are two more fire clouds here as well as up to two high level mining nodes. If your side holds Wintergrasp, you can kill the fire revenants here as well for even more crystallized fire. Proceed south from here to the tip of the corner peninsula of Wintergrasp. Along this narrow cliff is another mining node. From here fly over the scourge area far below to the west where you will find up to two cobalt nodes. Fly north back to the southern edge of Wintergrasp where you will find one or two nodes. Fly west along the edge, grabbing two nodes along the way before hitting the western cliff peninsula with another node. Continue west, where a silver elite rhino sometimes roams along the border with Borean Tundra. Keep going until you hit the geyser flats and do a loop along the edge where you will find up to three steam clouds as well as two to three cobalt nodes. Once finished, fly back to Dragonblight and start over. This route is easily repeatable, respawning everything by the time you return to the beginning. Each run brings in an average of 40 gold and takes less than 5 minutes with an epic flying mount. That is a total of over 450 gold per hour, with materials that are easily sold on the auction house.

by Rachel Bassett on Wed, 04/28/2010 - 14:18

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