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What Is the Average Cost of Wollastonite Per Ounce/Gram/Pound? Average Wollastonite Price?

The average wollastonite price is $375 per ton. However, actual prices may depend on the terms of contract between the seller and the buyer. The overall US market for wollastonite is not expected to change significantly in the next few years. Like in the past, sales of wollastonite for filler and extender applications in plastics may continue to be a growth market. According to industry experts, wood and plastic composites also may be a potential growth field for wollastonite. Wollastonite is resistant to chemical attack and inert and stable at high temperatures. In ceramics, it decreases shrinkage and as an additive in paint, it improves the durability of paint film.

by Margaret Walker on Sat, 01/01/2011 - 06:23

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