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What Is the Average Cost of Silica Aerogel Per Ounce/Gram/Pound? Average Silica Gel Price ?

Silica aerogel is relatively expensive, mainly because it is made only in limited quantities. So when the production increases, the prices may come down. The basic process and raw materials usually cost a great deal. That they are 99% porous gives silica aerogel their unusual characteristics. Silica aerogel, which is the most common type of aerogel, is used in a variety of applications, including thermal insulation, acoustical insulation, optical components, catalytic supports and filters, mainly due to its unique physical properties. A high-quality silica aerogel will be highly transparent and feels sticky to touch. The average silica gel costs $8 per gram.

by Margaret Walker on Sat, 01/01/2011 - 04:57

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