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What Is the Average Cost of Liquor? Average Liquor Price

Liquor is priced depending on several relevant factors such as location, type of liquor, bottle size and brand name. A bottle of beer or wine may not cost the same as a bottle of whiskey, rum or vodka. For instance, a bottle of standard beer costs $5, though it is available even for as low as $1. Similarly, beer purchased from a store may cost less when compared to what you require to pay for beer in a bar. A large bottle of vodka, a popular spirit category in the US, accounting for more than 20% of all distilled spirit consumption, costs $35. This may differ depending on the kind of vodka preferred. Likewise, a 750 ml bottle of Aftershock or Jack Daniels, one of America’s best known whiskey types, cost about $25.

by Margaret Walker on Thu, 02/03/2011 - 20:28

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