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What Is the Average Cost of Cinnabar? Average Cinnabar Price

Cinnabar is the common ore of mercury. It is generally found in a massive, granular or earthy form and is bright scarlet to brick-red in color. It occasionally occurs in crystals with a non-metallic adamantine luster. Its crystals usually grow in a massive habit, though they are sometimes twinned. Cinnabar is found in all localities that yield mercury. In the US, it is found in many places in California, including Hastings Mine and St. John’s Mine. Cinnabar has been used for its color in the new world. Despite its toxicity, cinnabar has historically been used in traditional Chinese medicine and was highly valued in Chinese Alchemy. The average cost of cinnabar is $15 per 100 grams.

by Margaret Walker on Tue, 02/01/2011 - 19:34

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