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What Is The Average Cost Of Sulfuric Acid Per Kg? Average Sulfuric Acid Price?

Prices of sulfuric acid are currently at healthy levels and are expected to remain so through 2020, based on supply and demand fundamentals. The average sulfuric acid price is $495 per ton. Global prices of sulfuric acid touched unprecedented levels since the second half of 2007 and throughout early 2008. However, they started declining from the second half of 2008, keeping in line with the global economic crisis. In late 2009, demand in end use sectors, particularly the phosphate fertilizer industry, improved causing prices to rebound continuing into 2010. By 2020, production of sulfuric acid is forecast to reach about 285 million tons against the expected demand of 280 million tons. The US is one the major importers of sulfuric acid.

by Margaret Walker on Fri, 12/10/2010 - 11:26

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