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What Is The Average Cost Of Bismuth Per Gram/Pound/Ton? Average Bismuth Price?

The average cost of bismuth is $17per pound. In fact, they have recovered from nowhere during the last couple of years considering the fact that the average prices of bismuth dipped to as low as $9.75 in 2008, after being around $12 in 2007. Bismuth is mainly a by-product of lead ore processing. Bismuth is the heaviest of the heavy metals and only one that is not toxic. Bismuth is used in solders, a variety of other alloys, metallurgical additives, medications and in atomic research. Since 1997, the US has been completely dependent on imports for its supply of primary bismuth. Belgium is the main importing source of the US.

by Margaret Walker on Sat, 11/27/2010 - 07:05

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