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What Is The Average Cost Of Asphalt Per Ton? Average Asphalt Price?

The prices of asphalt have gone up by about 70% in the last couple of years. It keeps everyone guessing what the trend is likely to be in the future. After the prices sky-rocketed in 2008, it receded slightly in 2009, but overall, it remained fairly consistent. Again from December 2009, asphalt’s price has been increasing alarmingly. This is what seems to be very difficult to believe when most paving and roofing contractors across the nation use very little asphalt in the winter season. The average asphalt price is $504 per ton. Asphalt is a sticky viscous liquid or semi-solid that is present in crude petroleum and in some natural deposits. Asphalt concrete is often touted as 100% recyclable.

by Margaret Walker on Fri, 12/10/2010 - 11:12

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