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Wedding Planner Job Description

Modern society has set extremely high standards of quality when it comes to wedding ceremonies. As a result, there has opened a brand-new niche for professionals known as wedding planners. So what does a wedding planner do exactly? It is a wedding planner’s job to ensure that every aspect of the wedding ceremony comes off without a hitch. They organize everything, from lighting to food, from live music to invitations. They also need to keep track of large numbers of people and ensure that they get their jobs done as well as getting them to show up on time. They are also in charge of setting up decorations, assisting in choice of a wedding dress, and other cosmetic decisions. Wedding planners enjoy and independence in their job that few other professionals experience. This is due to the fact that most wedding consultants work independently of large companies, employing themselves and using their own homes as an office space. If you enjoy weddings and are particularly good with organization and design, then a job as a wedding planner could be just the thing for you. If this wedding planner job description has sparked your interest, you should also know that this career line has few if any educational requirements.

by Susan White on Fri, 07/09/2010 - 01:09

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