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Weather HD for iPad Review

Weather HD for the iPad is a simple, but elegant application that actually makes quite excellent, animated use of the iPad's enormous screen. You can add locations to the application either by hitting the "Use My Current Location" button or by adding a City/Zip Code:

Weather HD Title/Setup Screen (Screenshot)Weather HD Title/Setup Screen (Screenshot)

Notice that even this screen is animated. Here the user is flying through the grass.

Once you have set up your location or locations, you can then view the main screen of the application, which shows the weather for the current day, a very nice (although not actually high-definition) video depicting the weather (mega eye-candy), and some other information such as temperature, pressure, etc.

Weather HD Main ScreenWeather HD Main Screen

The fullscreen videos are very nice, and there appear to be quite a few of them, some even contextualized for the night time, showing the moon and clouds, for example. You can also use the app to look at weather in the future, or you can look at the weather in 3-hour increments as well, instead of looking at the weather in daily increments. You can switch between Fahrenheit and Centigrade. Take a look at the screenshots below as well.

One thing the app does not support is showing a summary "calendar view" where you can see all of the 5 days coming up at once, you have to choose them one at a time. This is probably since they put so much effort into the nice videos. It's not the end of the world but would have been nice. The app also doesn't have much in the way of multi-touch gestures. It is very pretty, though. The videos appear to be mostly 3D-generated and have a lot of nice effects. It's also worth pointing out that for a given weather condition (say partly cloudy) they have multiple videos, so you won't always end up seeing the same videos (especially if you live in Seattle and it's always raining!). For casual weather use, this is undoubtedly the nicest app on the App Store for this purpose.

Screenshot of Rain in Weather HDScreenshot of Rain in Weather HD

Partly Cloudy in Weather HDPartly Cloudy in Weather HD

Screenshot of More Rain in Weather HD for the iPadScreenshot of More Rain in Weather HD for the iPad

Clouds and the Moon in Weather HD for the iPadClouds and the Moon in Weather HD for the iPad

by Margaret Walker on Wed, 05/26/2010 - 17:14

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