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Was the Moon Landing really Faked?

Was the Moon Landing really Faked?Was the Moon Landing really Faked?

It is worth pointing out that earth-based telescopes are not powerful enough to resolve the moon landing site on the moon because it is too small, and too far away. Because of this, skeptics (some might use stronger words have made all sorts of claims that the Moon Landing was, in fact, faked in a studio in Los Angeles, California.

Nevertheless, there is strong evidence that the Moon Landing was real. Mythbusters, a popular TV show on the Discovery Channel, produced an episode dedicated to Moon Landing Myths. All of them were "busted." To end the show, they pointed a very large laser at a reflector left behind by the astronauts, and recorded the reflected light bouncing back. Pointing the same laser at a random location on the moon - lunar regolith (powdered rocky soil) - produced no reflection. You can draw your own conclusions.

by Margaret Walker on Mon, 01/11/2010 - 21:58

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