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Do Vampires Turn Their Lovers Into Vampires?

With the recent rise in knowledge concerning vampires in general and vampire love affairs in particular, there has been much question as to whether or not vampires turn their lovers into vampires as well. Some experts agree that the most important aspects of answering this question revolve around the relationship held between a couple. If the relationship is passionate and intimate without much regard for danger and risk then the conversion of one’s lower into a vampire certainly becomes a stronger possibility. If the relationship is more relaxed and careful than the opposite effect takes hold. There is also a very important matter of trust between the two individuals which can play the largest role of all. This aspect can be overridden by selfishness in the vampire or by selflessness in the human participant. There is also the matter of physical danger posed by this. The conversion process is quite painful and sometimes dangerous if not kept carefully under control. As well there many individuals who see vampires is a threat and the conversion of one’s lower into a vampire opens him up from four attacks from these people. However it also arms them with weapons against them so perhaps this is a lesser concern. The final and most important consideration is that of eternal love which is now possible given the immortality of vampires. This unholy union can last for millennia and is perhaps the purest form of love known to man and vampire alike.
The novel and movie series Twilight addresses these issues in greater detail. If you are interested in this subject you may wish to consult these for an expert’s opinion.

by Tracy Hall on Wed, 12/09/2009 - 14:46

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