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Vampire Forms

Vampires can take on a variety of different forms depending on their magnitude of power. The most well-known of these forms is that of the vampire bat. This form can be taken almost instantly by all but the weakest of vampires and can be quite useful in gathering information, transportation, and escape. However the bat is also considerably more fragile than a vampires normal form and so extreme caution must be A vampire in bat form.A vampire in bat form.taken. Medium level vampires can transform themselves into powerful wolves allowing them extremely sharp reflexes, strength, and agility. It also makes them very stealthy with their movements and thus allows them to sneak up on their prey undetected. Powerful vampires may take on the form of a cloud of mist becoming almost completely incorporeal and thus extremely difficult to interact with or injure physically. Some vampires even have the ability to disguise themselves as other people, adopting along with the physical traits the voice sound patterns as well. Vampires have been known to take on other forms mostly involving animals of different types including horses and dogs.

by Brandi Roberts on Wed, 12/09/2009 - 03:12

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