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Was Twilight Inspired by The Crow?

The rising popularity of the movie series Twilight has resulted in growing speculation as to its content. Many people believe that the darker elements and twilight and a generally Gothic theme as a background for a pure Romance may have had outside inspiration. The question is being asked: is Twilight inspired by The Crow? Sources who say that it is draw attention The Crow in all his dark glory! Doesn't he remind you of Edward Cullen?The Crow in all his dark glory! Doesn't he remind you of Edward Cullen?to the fact that the male protagonist in both works is an undead or at least unnatural entity whether it be the vampire of Twilight or the resurrected murdered hero from The Crow. This similarity is indeed striking however it is not telling enough to draw this comparison on its own. The dark backdrop of a nocturnal world and fantasy elements with a Gothic base does indeed fit the purpose of pulling these two works together. When we lay in an idealists romance into this setting combined with the other elements the similarities are indeed quite strong. So does this mean that the popular Twilight series has stolen the core of its plot from another source? Many say no, but the only opinion that matters in the end is yours.

by Claire Evans on Mon, 12/07/2009 - 02:34

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