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Will Edward and Bella Ever Have Sex?

Will it ever be possible for Bella Swan and Edward Cullen to have sex? There are a number of heavy obstacles that lie in their way. First and foremost there is Edwards own concept of purity and abstinence. If the two of them are ever to get together intimately Edwards will have to put aside his strong moral belief system and get into the passion. As well there is also Bella’s Their choice is impossible!Their choice is impossible!own sensibilities and morality as a girl, combined with the social stigma attached to sex before marriage in Christian families. Perhaps the most powerful barrier that lies between the two is that of the nature of Edward Cullen’s vampirism. Being a vampire he has immense physical strength as well as a natural hunger for human blood. Normally he can keep these under control, but should he be in the throes of passion he might not be able to keep a grip on himself. He may in fact tear her apart or convert her into a vampire as well, both outcomes that he fears greatly. He fears that so much that he actually leaves the town of Forks to try and prevent something horrible like this from happening.
Despite all of these heavy obstacles that stand between them, many believe that the true and pure love of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen or conquer anything that stands in their path and that sometime in the future when their love is deep and the two of them will lie together intimately as they have so longed to do.

by Brandi Roberts on Mon, 12/07/2009 - 02:37

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