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Torchlight Respec Potion Mod: Resetting your Torchlight Character’s Stats and Skills

While torchlight is an immensely entertaining game, it does suffer from a lack of character re-specialization options. Fortunately, there is what is known as the Torchlight respect potion mod, which gives you the option of respecializing your character without Torchlight is a really fun gameTorchlight is a really fun gamemarking them as a cheater. To use this mod, simply search for the Torchlight Respec Potion Mod in Google. Download the zip file and follow the directions listed on that page. The respec potion will become available from vendors immediately.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. If following the above-mentioned process results in a violation of the EULA for Torchlight, please refrain from doing so. We are not responsible for any viruses or other negative effects resulting from following the link listed above. To our knowledge, it is not harmful, but this may be subject to change in future. Please exercise caution.

by Rachel Bassett on Fri, 05/14/2010 - 21:42

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