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Torchlight Respec: How to Respecialize your Character in Torchlight

Torchlight is a great game and definitely well worth the $20 it cost to buy. Unfortunately, it has the inherent flaw of lacking a way to reset your character’s stats and skills in case you make a mistake or just want to try something different. Luckilly, there is a way to get around Torchlight is a great gameTorchlight is a great gamethis. There are two ways in fact. The first is using the respec potion. Simply enable the console (read our article for details on how to do this). Hold Shift and ~ to open the console. Type in “respecpotion” and the game will spawn a respec potion in your inventory. Drinking this potion will reset all of your stat and skill points. However, depending on the version of the game you are using, this may mark your character as a cheater, disabling the shared stash among other things. If you want to avoid this, read our article on the respec mod for Torchlight, which is guaranteed not to mark you as a cheater.

by Rachel Bassett on Fri, 05/14/2010 - 21:41

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