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Torchlight Multiplayer: Patch and Mod

Torchlight is an amazing game, but unfortunately it does not come with a multiplayer mode. Massacring hundreds of monsters is so much more fun when you do it with your friends. So how can you play multiplayer in Torchlight? There is a multiplayer mod being developed that will Torchlight did not ship with multiplayerTorchlight did not ship with multiplayerallow you to do just that. You can read more about this mod here: While this mod has not been finished and may not be for some time, it is the best bet you will have in terms of a multiplayer mode for Torchlight. Runic Games, the developer of Torchlight, does not have plans for an official multiplayer patch. Their attention is focused on developing the Torchlight MMO instead. Read more about the Torchlight MMO and its release date here.

by Rachel Bassett on Fri, 05/14/2010 - 21:47

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