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The Secret Avatar 3 Leak: Unpublished Information about the Avatar Sequel

With all of the frenzy over Avatar in the media and in homes around the country, these has been a flurry of rumors about the upcoming sequels to the original. Avatar 2 is currently in production, and there is but a definite announcement as to the future work on Avatar 3. But is there any information about it, leaked or otherwise? In the leaked department, there have been The sequels to Avatar have a lot of potentialThe sequels to Avatar have a lot of potentialnumerous hoaxes and fake scoops, but no real information or anything even remotely tangible on that front. However, this does not mean that there isn’t any new information. The best source at the moment is the mouth of James Cameron himself, the director:
“We created a broad canvas for the environment of film. That’s not just on Pandora, but throughout the Alpha Centauri AB system,” he said. “And we expand out across that system and incorporate more into the story — not necessarily in the second film, but more toward a third film.”

by Rachel Bassett on Wed, 04/28/2010 - 14:02

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