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The Best Glitches in World of Warcraft/WoW

World of Warcraft being a massive game that it is, has numerous glitches and opportunities for any good prankster. To see some funny and interesting terrain glitches and secret areas, visit our articles on finding the secret GM island, getting underneath Orgrimmar, and getting on top of Ironforge. Your friends will never be able to keep up with your massive knowledge of silly glitches now!
Ever wanted to get underneath Orgrimmar?Ever wanted to get underneath Orgrimmar?

Disclaimer: This article is for informational and entertainment purposes only. If following the above mentioned process causes you to violate your EULA agreement or perform any other illegal action, please refrain from doing so. We do not condone EULA violations or illegality in any way. Actually following this guide, against our warnings and intentions, could potentially result in account suspension or banning. Some information in the above article may be rendered incorrect by patch changes to the game.

by Rachel Bassett on Wed, 04/28/2010 - 14:55

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