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The Alternative to a milk frother: Frothing milk with a hand blender

If you don’t want to buy a milk frother, there is an alternative piece of equipment that you can use. It’s called a hand blender. It’s essentially a hand-held blender/chopper used to easily chop and mix things. They are especially useful for A Braun brand hand blenderA Braun brand hand blenderfinely chopping garlic, making homemade mayonnaise, and salad dressing. You can buy a hand blender on or from a cooking supply store for about $20. To froth milk with a hand blender, microwave the milk for 1-2 minutes or until steaming hot but not boiling. Pour the hot milk into the tall mixing bowl that came with the hand blender to prevent making a mess. Start the hand blender with the bladed end all the way into the milk. Slowly move it up so that it is just below the surface of the milk as you continue to blend. After about a minute you will have a half-inch layer of milk foam very similar to what you get from using a milk frother or a steam jet on an espresso machine.

by Olivia Wilson on Mon, 01/18/2010 - 20:38

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