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Teaching Aide Job Description

The primary duty of the aide is to assist the lead teacher in a classroom environment. Teacher aides are sometimes referred to as classroom aides, were teaching assistant. Teacher aides are typically employed in elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. They are not generally employed in colleges and universities, because graduate students are typically used for this purpose.

Hiring requirements for this job are generally fairly minimal, however a high school diploma is usually expected (or equivalent). Strong applicants might also list college courses, certification, and vocational school training in this area. A love of children can’t hurt either!

Teaching aids may assist with the process of grading and report cards, as well as others student records of various types. In addition to this they might also help with the creation, management, and distribution of exams, homework, and other printed documents in a classroom. Teaching is also often assist in grading homework and exams.

In a large classroom, a teaching typically also acts as a secondary teacher, and so might move among the students answer questions, help with problems, and also to maintain order in the classroom. Teaching aids may in some cases be involved in maintaining discipline among students. Teaching aids may also assist in supervising students while at lunch, on the playground, and so on.

Teaching aids are expected to have basic computer skills, so that they can help teach computing skills where appropriate, but primarily so that they can assist in the creation of electronic records for the student, printing documents, handling e-mails from parents, and so on. Teaching it might also be expected to be able to handle some video equipment, such as DVD players.

by Margaret Walker on Mon, 06/28/2010 - 01:25

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