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Stila Kajal Eye Liner Review

I found out the other day that eyeliner actually was invented in India by some really smart girl (genius!) thousands of years ago. If you’ve ever seen Indian women with their traditional and natural makeup on and you know what I’m talking about. The thing that they use is called kajal eyeliner and it’s extremely hard to get because it’s imported and handmade and all that. But then I did a little more digging and I found something amazing. Stila Kajal Eye Liner! It’s a brand-new thing in the beauty world that experts developed to be just like the ancient Indian original. When you put the stuff on it feels just ultra-soft and goes onto your skin so easily. I ordered it in onyx black witches and beautifully rich hued color there really brings out the dark brown in my eyes, showing their true color. I’ve used a lot of eye makeup in the past but I’ve never seen my eyes is well-defined. If you want to get the best look you could possibly get, and this is what you need. It’s worth any price your hands on this stuff!

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