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Shiseido Natural Eyeliner Pencil Review

I know that buying stuff online can be a little offputting sometimes, especially with makeup. A lot of times you really just can’t see the color right until you have it in person. Now I’ve always been a little iffy with eyeliner, never really knowing what to get. But the other day I was just browsing and a product really caught my eye. It was Shiseido Natural Eye Pencil. I didn’t know if I should buy it because it was a little more expensive than I usually pay for eyeliner but I just felt the impulse, I had to get. I’m just so glad that I made that decision because his eyeliner is the best I’ve ever found. What first struck me was it was so easy to use, sliding onto my skin was just the greatest of ease and enhancing the texture around my eyes making them rich and smooth. They really gave you what I felt was a model-esque look. My eyes just shone out, stunning!the moment I walked out my door that night I was turning heads left and right. This eyeliner is worth any price, I’m telling you!

by gotbaka on Wed, 12/09/2009 - 11:31

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