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Resident Evil 5 Fix for the PC: Error Message d3derr_driverinternalerror present_result ATI Radeon Patch

If you have experienced the error message d3derr_driverinternalerror present_result while trying to play Resident Evil 5, you will be happy to know there is a fairly simple fix that costs you nothing and only takes a couple minutes to apply. The reason this error message is coming up is the game engine was not designed to work on ATI Resident Evil 5 is fixable!Resident Evil 5 is fixable!Radeon X1300-1950 video cards, but that does not mean that it won’t. There is an unofficial patch that will fix this issue and allow you to play the game. Enter this string into Google: resident evil 5 enbdev. The ENBdev site should show up on the top of the results. Download the RE5 patch v1.2 (or higher) from here. IMPORTANT: Follow their directions for installation and usage, or it will not work. Kay Circle’s game-testing team observed results immediately after applying the patch, with the game working while it had only crashed before. Unfortunately, it should also be noted that the game may still run quite slowly on these cards, regardless of the patch.

Disclaimer: If use of the above patch results in a breach in the EULA agreement, please refrain from using it. While our team did not experience any viruses, malware, or other ill effects from use of this patch, this does not rule out their presence. Please use antivirus software and be careful. This article is for informational purposes only.

by Rachel Bassett on Thu, 06/17/2010 - 20:25

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