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Microsoft Kin Sales - Latest Report

UPDATE: The latest breaking news has announced that Microsoft will be cancelling the KIN line of devices completely due to poor sales (see below). The company will not even bother with the planned European launch of the devices later this year based on the poor North American sales.

Sales of the Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two, the social networking smartphones on a budget from Microsoft, are rumored to be tanking. The latest rumors suggest that Verizon will be slashing prices by $50 for both phones after less than a month on store shelves. Other rumors suggest that Verizon employees have been steering potential buyers towards other Android-based phones instead. One of the biggest sales killers is rumored to be the expensive data plan which may be too much for most of the teens it is marketed towards. That, combined with a lackluster media campaign.

by Margaret Walker on Fri, 06/18/2010 - 02:50

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