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List of Best Anime of All Time: Mega List (Actual Good Taste Inside) Top 10

Let’s face it, if you have decent taste, then most anime is way too cheesy for you to stomach. In fact, most anime is crap; this shouldn’t be all that surprising since the overwhelming majority of American TV is crap too. So how do you find the best anime, that is actually worth watching? Why, read this awesome list, of course.

We have provided screenshots for each anime, plus a short description. We recommend you read the short description so you can get a sense of *why* it is good. These anime demand to be watched and each one is worth it.

For this list, we have focused solely on TV series. We do not list any feature movies here.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shin Seiki Evangelion

Evangelion is, simply put, the greatest anime ever made. This is epic science fiction that rivals great American classic SciFi novels and American SciFi movies, in depth, ideas, character and power. When you watch it, you can feel the creative force of the creators; it is one of those rare experiences that is not predictable, and is not derivative, but which seems to introduce new ideas every minute, making you want to pause after each episode to think. You have never seen anything like this before, and you will be spellbound for the greatest 26 episodes ever animated in Japan.

The Cast of EvangelionThe Cast of Evangelion

Azumanga Daioh

The simplest way to say it is like this: Azumanga is the Japanese Seinfeld. Like Seinfeld it was wildly popular in Japan, and is about “nothing.” What it is, though, is genuinely, effortlessly funny. That is really all you need to know. It is also ultra-cute, but even guys who don’t normally like cute things, will probably still like this since it is so accessibly funny.

Azumanga DaiohAzumanga Daioh

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is a highly stylized hardboiled western, done with Japanese style. It is well worth watching, and has exquisitely animated and memorable characters, as well as a hardboiled and dark core which is difficult to find in the fruity land of anime. One note about this show: there are 4-5 episodes that are about the core story of Spike; these are by far the best. Some of the stand alone episodes are not quite as good, but still worth watching. The English dub is quite good by the way; we recommend it.

Cast of Cowboy BebopCast of Cowboy Bebop

Lesser Shows

The shows listed in this section are “lesser” and do not deserve to be listed in the category above. However, they are still good and worth watching, but suffer from flaws that you will have to overlook. They are still way better than boilerplate garbage like “Bleach,” though.


This show has pretty bland/uninteresting animation and art. However, it has a gripping story. So what you get is a flawed but very satisfying experience. Especially if you like violence: the battles are quite interesting, as is the plot.

Shot from BerserkShot from Berserk

Haibane Renmei

This show has a very pleasant art style, and has an interesting setting with a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the ending is a bit too predictable and uninteresting. This is still worth watching, though.

Cast of Haibane RenmeiCast of Haibane Renmei

Check back soon as we continue to update this list with more anime worth watching!

by Margaret Walker on Thu, 07/01/2010 - 20:36

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