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Lancome Le Stylo Eyeliner Review

I just love shopping for new kinds of makeup and trying them out. It’s really a great way to find new brands and styles for different occasions. Sometimes it’s good to just splurge on something you know you can afford just so you can feel that glamorous, liberating feeling of looking in the mirror and say wow that really is me! And You've got to try it!You've got to try it!sometimes you can get that same feeling was something that half the price. I didn’t really think it was that possible until the other day when I tried Lancome Le Stylo Eyeliner. It glided right out of my eyes in a smooth even texture and give me just a stunning look. I’ve never seen my eyes so well-defined and the color, oh the color! It just sings! Not only that but it’s waterproof so it doesn’t run everywhere like a lot of eyeliner does. I thought only be able to look this good for fancy stuff and going to the clubs and that I’d have to pay a lot of money for it every time, but now I have an alternative that is affordable and yet just looks so good on me.

by gotbaka on Tue, 12/08/2009 - 04:34

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