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Jim Cramer's Bad Bets, Recommendations and Stock Picks

Jim Cramer's show on CNBC has grown in popularity to the point where he has been called the "official cheer leader of the Bull Market."

A Book by Jim Cramer, Founder of and Host of Mad Money on CNBCA Book by Jim Cramer, Founder of and Host of Mad Money on CNBC

Although Jim Cramer's background lies in the finance world, like anyone who predicts the future, he has certainly made some bad bets, recommendations and stock picks. Here is a short summary of some of these:

Perhaps most famously, Cramer recommended on his show to buy Bear Stearns stock shortly before the firm filed for bankruptcy.

Another famous Cramer incident was in 2007 when he predicted the market would pass 15,000, shortly before it began a rapid decline towards 13,000.

A more recent incident occurred when Jim Cramer was interviewed by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show (Comedy Central), in which Jon Stewart asked a series of embarrassing questions; the interview quickly made rounds on YouTube.

Cramer has, of course, also made good recommendations as well. His show averages about 100,000 viewers per day.

by Margaret Walker on Fri, 01/15/2010 - 17:53

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