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Is Jacob Black Going to Steal Bella Swan?

In Twilight, with the relationship related difficulties between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, there has been much speculation as to the increasing importance of Jacob Black. Theatrical experts agree that there is a strong possibility that in the next Twilight film Eclipse, that the screenwriter and director may deviate from Don't do it Bella! You could lose Edward forever!Don't do it Bella! You could lose Edward forever!the original novel’s story. They suggest that the abstinence that Edward so eagerly insists upon will drive Bella away from him. They go on to say that the broken hearted Bella will turn to her best friend Jacob Black for comfort and end up in a romantic relationship with him. Jacob is a much more self-centered character than Edward and so there is actually a very high probability that Jacob and Bella will end up having sex. He does not suffer from Edward’s fear of hurting Bella and so it is believed that he will be able to go much farther much faster seeing as he does not have any inhibitions. They also suggest that this will lead to conflict between Edward and Jacob and may result in ultimate showdown between the two. They are unsure as of yet who would win this fight but it seems to make sense that Edward would in terms of plot structure. Edward may seem like Bella’s soulmate, but if he continues on his current course of action he might find himself out in the cold.

by Tracy Hall on Mon, 12/07/2009 - 02:33

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