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Inventory Control Job Description

A job in the field of inventory control revolves primarily around monitoring available merchandise and necessary business materials. Almost all inventory control job descriptions require careful reporting of shortages, surpluses, and suggestions on how to deal with the problem. And inventory control manager is important to any company, as they keep from running low on necessary goods and materials, as well as preventing the opposite: too many materials running into expiration, damage, and obsoleteness. Inventory controllers must be quick on their feet and capable of coming up with intelligent and innovative solutions to each inventory problem as it occurs. A background in bookkeeping or problem management can be quite helpful. The educational requirements to become an inventory control manager may vary, but usually only require a high school diploma. Some more complex positions may go so far as to require a bachelor’s degree or even master’s degree.

by Susan White on Tue, 07/13/2010 - 00:59

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