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How to use accent lighting

Accent lights are a great way to increase the ambiance and atmosphere of your home, office or business. Perhaps the best example of this is Hollywood movies.

Accent lighting can be perfect for your kitchenAccent lighting can be perfect for your kitchen

In Hollywood, the gaffer runs a team of lighting experts who place subtle lights in the scene to create the desired effects requested by the Director of Photography and the Director himself. These lights accentuate certain aspects of the set, while de-emphasizing others and help to set the tone of the film. Such lighting is also an important part of computer-animated movies, such as those made by Pixar.

In much the same way, you can do this on a smaller scale in your home, and the key is the accent light. Accent lights are typically small and can be placed strategically for maximum effect. For instance, you might have accent lighting in a hallway to illuminate paintings or posters, or you might include them under a cupboard, to cast light down onto a counter surface. Accent lights can also illuminate specific pieces of furniture. Small lights embedded in the ceiling will accentuate a nice piece, such as an armchair. These lights can also be great in the dining room, where you generally want low light levels to begin with, the accent light can draw out certain details of the surroundings without increasing the overall light level. Accent lights are typically inexpensive to buy in and of themselves, but most of the cost may come in installing the lights into the existing structure of your house.

by Margaret Walker on Sat, 03/27/2010 - 11:39

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